How Do I Get A List Of Databases In MySQL?

What type of database is CouchDB?

NoSQL document databaseApache CouchDB (CouchDB) is an open source NoSQL document database that collects and stores data in JSON-based document formats.

Unlike relational databases, CouchDB uses a schema-free data model, which simplifies record management across various computing devices, mobile phones, and web browsers..

How do I get a list of databases in SQL Server?

To view a list of databases on an instance of SQL ServerIn Object Explorer, connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine, and then expand that instance.To see a list of all databases on the instance, expand Databases.

How can I create database in MySQL?

Create a Database Using MySQL CLISSH into your server.Log into MySQL as the root user.Create a new database user: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *. … Log out of MySQL by typing: \q .Log in as the new database user you just created: mysql -u db_user -p. … Create a new database: CREATE DATABASE db_name;

How do I get a list of tables in SQL?

SQL command to list all tables in Oracle Show all tables owned by the current user: SELECT table_name FROM user_tables; Show all tables in the current database: SELECT table_name FROM dba_tables; Show all tables that are accessible by the current user:

Is CouchDB a SQL database?

CouchDB is an open source database developed by Apache software foundation. … It is a NoSQL document store database. It uses JSON, to store data (documents), java script as its query language to transform the documents, http protocol for api to access the documents, query the indices with the web browser.

How can I see all tables in MySQL?

Show MySQL Tables To get a list of the tables in a MySQL database, use the mysql client tool to connect to the MySQL server and run the SHOW TABLES command. The optional FULL modifier will show the table type as a second output column.

How do I select a database in MySQL?

It is very simple to select a database from the mysql> prompt. You can use the SQL command use to select a database.

How do I get a list of tables in SQL Developer?

To view tables:In the Connections navigator in SQL Developer, navigate to the Tables node for the schema that includes the table you want to display. If the view is in your own schema, navigate to the Tables node in your schema. … Open the Tables node. … Click the name of the table that you want to display.

How do I get a list of table names in MySQL?

How to find the name of all tables in MySQL databasemysql> SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_type = ‘base table’ AND table_schema=’test’;| employee || role || user || department || employee || role || user |

Who is using CouchDB?

Companies Currently Using CouchDBCompany NameWebsiteEmployeesVerizonverizon.comAbove 10,000NextGen Healthcarenextgen.comFrom 1,000 to 4,999GrubHubgrubhub.comFrom 1,000 to 4,999Ancestry.comancestry.comFrom 1,000 to 4,9992 more rows

How do I start CouchDB?

Installing CouchDB Run the setup file and proceed with the installation. After installation, open built-in web interface of CouchDB by visiting the following link: If everything goes fine, this will give you a web page, which have the following output.