Is Computer Science Harder Than Accounting?

What kind of jobs can a computer science degree get you?

More Computer Science JobsIT Career PathDegree LevelSalaryTechnology ManagerBachelor’s or Master’s$132,000Cloud EngineerBachelor’s or Master’s$119,000IT Security SpecialistBachelor’s$107,000Web DeveloperAssociate or Bachelor’s$80,0002 more rows•May 13, 2020.

How difficult is computer science degree?

Computer Science is a hard discipline to learn. But, if you are motivated and devote sufficient time to studying the discipline, then it is possible to learn Computer Science. Initially Computer Science seems hard because learning to program is challenging. … However, most of people learn skills step-by-step over time.

Is accounting easier than computer science?

Both degrees use similar analytical skills and typically easier to make more money quicker in computer science but your career can plateau much sooner. And there is some real skill sets for those who know both so they are able to program finance/banking software.

Can you be an accountant with a computer science degree?

In order to become an accountant, you will need to take the CPA Exam as well as get your master’s degree. Some Computer Science occupations will also require further schooling. … This degree allows for a lot of job flexibility as you are knowledgeable in two fields.

Which is more difficult computer science or engineering?

From what I’ve seen with most of my friends in Engineering, it’s tougher. Both are tough, but with computer science you mainly focus on mathematics and computer related problems. … If you don’t like math, then engineering is harder. If you like math, then engineering is harder. go computer science.

What is the most difficult part of computer science?

1. Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tops the list of the most difficult subjects in Computer Science. … Theory Of Computation. … Microprocessors. … Advanced Database Systems. … Compiler Design. … Image Processing And Computer Vision.