Question: How Do You Use Implement?

How do you use the word implement?

Implemented sentence examplesThe plan was not implemented correctly.

I would reiterate the earlier suggestion that references be implemented.

We have implemented this strategy for two further systems.

The center has also supported a PhD thesis on the legal consequences of having the directives implemented.More items….

What is the example of implement?

To implement is defined as to put something into effect. An example of implement is a manager enforcing a new set of procedures. The definition of implement is a tool that is used to perform a job. A plow is an example of a farm implement.

What is another word for implementing?

Some common synonyms of implement are appliance, instrument, tool, and utensil. While all these words mean “a relatively simple device for performing work,” implement may apply to anything necessary to perform a task.

What is the opposite meaning of implement?

start, put into action: cease, lose, forget, fail, give up, halt, neglect, hinder, delay, stop, prevent, ignore, miss, pause, cancel.

What is another word for execute?

Some common synonyms of execute are accomplish, achieve, discharge, effect, fulfill, and perform.

What does it mean to implement a method?

Well to implement a method means that the method doesn’t have to have a method body yet, but in the future your program will add the necessary body info.

What is a sentence for implement?

Implement sentence examples. He used a special implement which he inserted at the lower end of the incision. We plan to implement a policy allowing students to choose a humane alternative. The company plans to implement the recommendations through its code of practice in the new year.

What is implement tool?

Noun. implement, tool, instrument, appliance, utensil mean a relatively simple device for performing work. implement may apply to anything necessary to perform a task.

What are the types of implementation?

TypesDirect changeover.Parallel running, also known as parallel.Phased implementation.Pilot introduction, also known as pilot.Well-trade.

How do you write an implementation plan?

How to create an implementation planStep 1: Brainstorm your desired outcomes. … Step 2: Assign implementation responsibility to an owner. … Step 3: Conduct a risk assessment. … Step 4: Establish a budget. … Step 5: Create and delegate your implementation plan tasks. … Step 6: Develop your implementation plan schedule.

What does it mean to implement someone?

Implementation is the noun form of the verb implement, or “to carry out or accomplish,” and you’ll often see it used in reference to a government plan or act. Use this word to describe the process of turning formal plans — often very detailed conceptual plans that will affect many — into reality.

What does believable mean?

capable of being believed: capable of being believed especially as within the range of known possibility or probability.