Question: Is Ruby Dead On My Block?

Does Cesar kill latrelle?

In season one, Cesar’s older brother Spooky (Julio Macias), who is the leader of The Santo’s gang, sent Cesar to kill Latrelle.

Latrelle reappeared in the final two episodes of season 10 of On My Block.

Cesar went after Latrelle and tried to shoot him dead but fortunately, the gun jammed..

Who does Ruby end up with in on my block?

Ruby fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Olivia was into Ruby’s best friend Cesar before realizing Ruby’s feelings for her and she had feelings for him. In Chapter 10 of Season 1, Olivia finally kisses Ruby.

Who killed Cuchillos on my block?

As Cesar’s brother, Spooky, continued leading within the Santos, he got more worried about the rival gang, 19th Street. He then realized Cuchillos was the reason his father went to jail so he tried to make a deal with 19th Street to take her out. They held true to the truce and 19th Street seemingly killed Cuchillos.

How old is Ruby from on my block 2020?

23Jason Genao (Ruby): Age 23.

Is Olivia coming back to on my block Season 3?

On My Block season 3 cast: Who’s returning? Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby (Jason Genao), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia), Jamal (Brett Gray), Ruby’s brother Mario (Danny Ramirez), and Spooky (Julio Macias) will all return. Olivia, however, tragically lost her life after being shot.

Who killed Ruby on my block?

LatrelleRelationships. He serves as a bully when he stops the “squad” on their way to their high school orientation and takes $20 from them. Latrelle is also the one to pull a gun on Cesar Diaz but instead shoots Ruby Martinez and Olivia in Chapter Ten.

Who dies in on my block?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from On My Block season 3. In the season, Spooky (Julio Macias) got Cuchillos (Ada Luz Ola) killed by the 19th Street gang and out of his brothers Cesar, Ruby, Jamal (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson) and Monse’s (Sierra Capri) way for good.

Who is Lil Ricky on my block?

Lil Ricky is a character in “On My Block”. He is the founder of the Santos Gang.

How old is Rudy from on my block?

22Jason Genao plays Ruby Martinez. The 22-year-old Dominican-born American actor is probably most known for his role as Napoleon in Netflix’s “The Get Down”.

Is Ruby a girl on my block?

Ruby is 5’1 and is the shortest of all his friends. He is a gentleman. He is of Mexican descent with wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a chubby face and is mistaken as a child often because of his lacking height.

Who does Monse end up with?

She kisses on-again, off-again boyfriend Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), and the rest of her friends pledge they will all remain as close as ever. Then, the words “2 years later” pop up on the screen. Monse is now comfortably settled into her boarding school dorm.

Why did Julia leave Monse?

Julia eventually confesses to Monse that she is her mother. However, it is soon revealed that she had left because of Monse because of the way that she had looked. … In season 3, her husband tells Monse there was something that she told her that she couldn’t get over which could have led to ultimately end her life.

Ruby’s “cousin” Olivia (Ronni Hawk) moves in with him and his family after her parents were deported. And Monse struggles with how she is considered as a woman in the #MeToo era.

What happens to Ruby on my block?

Netflix’s On My Block has always ended its seasons on crazy cliffhangers. In Season 1, a shooting left Ruby unconscious from a gunshot wound and in mortal peril. In Season 2, all four of our heroes were abducted after finding and laundering the RollerWorld money.

Does Cesar kill latrelle season2?

What had happened in season two was Cesar’s brother sent Cesar to go kill someone from another gang named Latrelle. When Cesar went to go kill him, Latrelle begged him not to kill him after he caught Latrelle off guard and Cesar held him at gunpoint. Cesar didn’t want to pull the trigger so he let Latrelle go.

What is RollerWorld?

According to legend, RollerWorld was a Freeridge business that the Prophets had been using to launder money back in the ’80s. Abuelita (Peggy Blow) told Jamal in Season 1 that two Santos members, Benito and Frankie, stole $250,000 from RollerWorld and buried it somewhere in the neighborhood before getting arrested.

How did Ruby die on my block?

Despite Ruby’s efforts, they are both hit. Ruby is hit in the upper chest and Olivia is hit right in the middle of her chest. Though we hear her call out to Ruby and she is responsive at first, she obviously dies from her wounds while Ruby survives.

How old is spooky on my block?

29On My Block fans were eager to take their joy (and lust) for Spooky to Twitter, as it seems that the guy with a chip on his shoulder could finally take a breath. Oh, and they also couldn’t ignore the fact that the 29-year-old is incredibly easy on the eyes.