Question: Why Is Bud Mad At Bill?

Why was Beatrix Kiddo bleeped?

Her name is bleeped because she cannot be named until she deserves to.

Throughout the film she has 4 names.

In chronological order the first event of the story is the wedding massacre..

How many crazy 88 died?

Kiddo first kills the six members of the Crazy 88 who were with O-Ren, then battles O-Ren’s bodyguard Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama) in single combat, killing her as well. The rest of the Crazy 88 – led by Johnny Mo (Gordon Liu) – arrives, but she kills, injures, and dismembers them.

Is the sword in Pulp Fiction a Hanzo?

Uma Thurman played Mia Wallace in pulp fiction. … She also played the protagonist Beatrix kiddo (aka black mamba) in Kill Bill.

Why did Bill and Budd fall out?

The answer is because the massacre took place in El Paso. Bud is leading his brother to believe that he was so vehemently opposed to the attempt on Beatrix that after, he immediately went and sold his sword and walked away from Bill forever.

Why did Budd lie about his sword?

Budd lies simply to hurt Bill. … The sword was a huge gift to Budd; to tell Bill that he sold it was just meant to be a crushing blow to his heart. It was also a way for Budd to show Bill what his life is like now: he hocked an absolutely priceless artifact for a paltry $250.

Why didn’t Budd kill Beatrix?

Budd– He was the only one who was skilled enough to kill Beatrix. … The only reasonable explanation for how he handled it was that he didn’t want her to die. He used rock salt instead of buck shot. Even so, he could have killed her right then and there.

What tequila is Bill drinking in Kill Bill?

Sauza Tres Generaciones Tequila AnejoBill (David Carradine), just before the final showdown, is seen drinking “Sauza Tres Generaciones Tequila Anejo”.

Why did Pai Mei teach Beatrix?

After Beatrix entered his garden and training area, Pai Mei decried her Mandarin as “lousy,” in addition to lambasting her for being a woman. After asking what skills she possessed, Pai Mei ordered her to demonstrate them.

Why did Hattori Hanzo hate bill?

Because he used to supply the swords for Bill’s crew, and was ashamed of what his work was used for. Because she was going to kill Bill with the new sword.

What drink does Budd make in Kill Bill?

At first thought, I figured that Budd was drinking a bottle of Scotch. Maybe a Glenfiddich as per the bottle. But upon closer look at the label, I noticed that he was drinking something else. It was called Black Death Icelandic Schnapps.

Why did they kill the Bride in Kill Bill?

The original reason why he wanted her dead was because after she got pregnant, she didn’t want to be an assassin anymore. She just wanted to be a stay at home mom and raise her baby.