Quick Answer: How Do You Select Multiple Lines?

How do you select multiple lines at once?

How to select multiple parts of the text?Hold Ctrl while making the selection in the usual way.Release all keys.Place cursor at the beginning of the next desired selection.Hold Ctrl while making the selection in the usual way.Release all keys..

How do you select multiple rows in VS code?

Multiple selections (multi-cursor)#Ctrl+D selects the word at the cursor, or the next occurrence of the current selection.Tip: You can also add more cursors with Ctrl+Shift+L, which will add a selection at each occurrence of the current selected text. … Column (box) selection#More items…

How do you copy separate lines?

How to Copy and Paste Text from Multiple Locations in Microsoft WordSelect the block of text you want to copy.Press Ctrl+F3. … Repeat the two steps above for each additional block of text to copy.Go to the document or location where you want to paste all of the text.Press Ctrl+Shift+F3.

How do you select multiple lines of text in Chrome?

Position the cursor at the start of the section you want to select, then press shift + ctrl and continue holding them down. You can then select a block of text by pressing > or if you use the downward arrow you can select the entire paragraph.

How do I select multiple lines in windows?

Press Ctrl+Alt-Down if you’re using Windows & Ctrl+Shift-Down if you’re using a Mac.

How do you select multiple things in Word?

Select multiple objects. Press and hold Shift or Ctrl while you select the objects. Select an object that is under other objects and cycle forward through the stack of objects. Select the top object, and then press Tab.

How do you select all words in VS code?

If you have a word highlighted, you can select the next occurrence of that word by pressing Command+d, then repeat until you have all instances of the word selected. Alternately, you can add a cursor to all occurrences of the current selection with Command+Shift+L.

How do I select vertically in Visual Studio?

Did you know that you can select and edit vertical blocks in Visual Studio? Just hold down the Alt key and drag mouse over text area you want to work with.

How do you select multiple lines in vi?

Place your cursor anywhere on the first or last line of the text you want to manipulate. Press Shift+V to enter line mode. The words VISUAL LINE will appear at the bottom of the screen. Use navigation commands, such as the Arrow keys, to highlight multiple lines of text.

How do you select multiple lines in sublime?

Multiple Selections To select multiple regions using the keyboard, select a block of text, then press Ctrl+Shift+L to split it into one selection per line. When you’re done with using multiple selections, just press Ctrl+K to trim all but the first.

How do I select text without dragging?

Move the pointer to the beginning of the window, and then press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN. Press CTRL+A. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F8, and then use the arrow keys. Press ESC to turn off the selection mode.

How do you select multiple images in Word?

To move several pictures as one, group them. Hold down the Ctrl key and select each picture. Right-click the multiple-picture selection, choose Group from the contextual submenu and then choose Group again.

How do you select different lines?

To select a sentence (not just a line), hold down [Ctrl] and click any place within the sentence. To select a block of text, click at one end of the block. Then, hold down the [Shift] key and click a second time at the opposite end of the block.

How do you select multiple lines on a keyboard?

Select one character at a time by holding down the “Shift” key and and using either arrow key (right or left). Select an entire line of text by holding down the “Shift” key and pressing “End”, if you are at the beginning of the line, or “Home” if you are at the end of the line.

How do you select a line in VS code?

Select Entire Line: Command + L.Select Contents of Line: Place Cursor in line content then Shift + Ctrl + Command + → (press right arrow twice)