Quick Answer: How Many Crazy 88 Died?

Why is Beatrix crying at the end of Kill Bill?

Why did Beatrix cry in the bathroom the morning after she killed Bill.

Because of the harrowing adventure she had just been through.

Awaking from a coma, having to kill dozens of people, nearly dying herself countless times..

Did Sofie Fatale lost both arms?

Quentin Tarantino did not add this scene in the final Western cut of the film and her other arm was never amputated and you can see her other remaining arm when the bride rolled her down to the hospital.

Who dies first in Kill Bill?

Kiddo first kills the six members of the Crazy 88 who were with O-Ren, then battles O-Ren’s bodyguard Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama) in single combat, killing her as well.

Why was Beatrix Kiddo bleeped?

Her name is bleeped because she cannot be named until she deserves to. Throughout the film she has 4 names. In chronological order the first event of the story is the wedding massacre.

What happened to Sophie in Kill Bill?

She totally cut off the second arm, then threw her down a hill for the paramedics to find her. She lived, but now she has no arms.

Does Elle Driver Die?

Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) was the only unconfirmed death on Beatrix Kiddo’s Kill List, and while it seemed like a pretty sealed fate to get locked in that trailer with exactly zero eyeballs, the end credits made it clear that the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad death count might just have one giant question mark.

Why did Bill betray the bride?

Love this movie. Bill was in a relationship with Beatrix Kiddo aka the bride and she eventually became pregnant. … The original reason why he wanted her dead was because after she got pregnant, she didn’t want to be an assassin anymore. She just wanted to be a stay at home mom and raise her baby.

Why are they called the Crazy 88?

The Crazy 88 does not actually comprise of exactly 88 members. In Vol. 2, Bill speculated that they picked this name because it “sounded cool”. Only 40 actors are credited to Crazy 88.

How many people killed Kill Bill?

560 peopleSo, just for fun, let’s appreciate the sheer numerical accomplishment of Tarantino’s mass cinematic bloodbath: in eight films, 560 people die on-screen. To the breakdown: *A few numbers are approximated due to the impossibility of counting precisely how many ninjas are decapitated in Kill Bill Vol.

Why is Kill Bill so good?

It is also backed by a really well written script that is pitch perfect for any action movie. Tarantino makes the plot as intriguing as possible and like all of his other movies, combines all the elements from various movie genres and makes one hell of a movie. Many of the scenes are iconic and well written.

What does Ren Ishii whisper?

gif. When the Bride and O-Ren Ishii are squaring up outside The House of Blue Leaves, O-Ren says, in Japanese, “I hope you saved your energy. If you haven’t you may not last 5 minutes.”

Why is the name bleeped out in Kill Bill?

THE BRIDE’S NAME IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. Thurman’s character goes by a series of code names throughout the first installment, and her real name is bleeped to keep us from knowing it, but it’s printed clearly on her plane ticket to Tokyo (and Bill calls her “Kiddo,” which turns out not to be a nickname).

How does Budd die in Kill Bill?

Budd was the only Deadly Viper who defeated Beatrix. Nonetheless, and fittingly enough, he was killed by a black mamba, which was Beatrix’s codename.

Did Beatrix Kill Bill?

After she arrives to his home, she discovers that her daughter is very much alive. Beatrix uses the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and kills Bill. … Bill understands the significance of this move and that he will meet his death from an exploding heart once he takes five steps from where he stands.

Why did they kill the Bride in Kill Bill?

Bill felt guilty for sending his DVAS out to kill Beatrix and his unborn child. He decided to make amends by sparing her life after Elle infiltrated the hospital to end Beatrix’s life, while she was in a coma.

Will there be a Kill Bill 3?

“Kill Bill” fans shouldn’t lose hope of The Bride returning to the big screen. “Kill Bill Vol. 3” is not dead just yet. During a recent interview on MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Quentin Tarantino confirmed he’s still talking with leading star Uma Thurman about continuing their adored martial arts film series.

What is the beep in Kill Bill 2?

It’s where he says The Bride’s real name, and its intentional. It’s in Kill Bill 1 as well, Tarantino didn’t want to reveal her name til the end I guess.

What is budds snake name in Kill Bill?

O-Ren Ishii (codename: Cottonmouth) played by Lucy Liu. Elle Driver (codename: California Mountain Snake) played by Daryl Hannah. Budd (codename: Sidewinder) played by Michael Madsen. Bill (codename: Snake Charmer) played by David Carradine.