Quick Answer: Is Blaringly A Word?

What are blares?


to emit a loud, raucous sound; blast.


to sound loudly; proclaim noisily: a radio blaring rock music..

What is a synonym for blaring?

Synonyms & Antonyms of blaringblasting,booming,clamorous,clangorous,deafening,earsplitting,loud,piercing,More items…

What does the word stentorian mean?

extremely loud spoke in: extremely loud spoke in stentorian tones.

What is another word for evening?

SYNONYMS FOR evening 1 eventide, dusk, twilight, gloaming, nightfall.

What does mean roar?

1 : the deep cry of a wild animal (such as a lion) 2 : a loud deep cry (as of pain or anger) 3 : a loud continuous confused sound the roar of the crowd. 4 : a boisterous outcry.