Quick Answer: What Does Lei Mean In English?

What is the plural of lei?


Since the Hawaiian language doesn’t distinguish between singular or plural, “lei” means one and many.

Although colloquially, we tend to use “leis” as the plural, it is technically incorrect..

What is the meaning of ley?

1 : grassland, pasture. 2 usually ley : arable land used temporarily for hay or grazing.

What are LEIs used for?

Leis were originally worn by ancient Polynesians and some Asian people as part of custom. They were often used by Native Hawaiians to signify their ranks and royalty. They are also worn as a form of honor to each other and their gods.

What means Fey?

fey • \FAY\ • adjective. 1 : marked by a foreboding of death or calamity 2 a : marked by an otherworldly air or attitude b : crazy, touched 3 a : excessively refined : precious b : quaintly unconventional : campy.

Is lei a Scrabble word?

LEI is a valid scrabble word.

What is English lei?

English. lei. captain; conduce; conduct; direct; govern; guide; head; hornblende schist; lead; manage; pilot; result; slate; tend. aan die neus lei.

What is the past tense of lei?

Verb. lei (third-person singular present leis, present participle leiin, past leid, past participle leid)

What is LEI number?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code is conceived as a key measure to improve the quality and accuracy of financial data systems for better risk management post the Global Financial Crisis. LEI is a 20-digit unique code to identify parties to financial transactions worldwide.

What does lay person mean?

A layperson (also layman or laywoman) is a person who is not qualified in a given profession or does not have specific knowledge of a certain subject. …

What does lying mean?

adjective. telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false: a lying report.

What language is lei?

Lei is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname 雷 (Léi). Additionally, the very common Chinese surname Li (李) is pronounced Lei in Standard Cantonese, and is sometimes romanized as “Lei”, particularly among the Macanese.

What is a money lei?

This Is Why People Are Wearing Money Lei For Graduation Now, most of us are aware of what a lei is — a garland of flowers worn around the neck, found in many Polynesian cultures and often associated with Hawaii — but what is a money lei? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a lei made of money instead of fresh flowers.