Quick Answer: What Does Undervalue Mean?

What does an undervalued company mean?

An undervalued stock is defined as a stock that is selling at a price significantly below what is assumed to be its intrinsic value.

For example, if a stock is selling for $50, but it is worth $100 based on predictable future cash flows, then it is an undervalued stock..

What is another word for undervalued?

Similar words for undervalued: underestimated (adjective) belittle (verb) cheapen (verb) decry (verb)

What does Unmend mean?

Definition of ‘unmended’ 1. not repaired. 2. not healed or improved.

What does Underlooked mean?

1 : to look or glance at from underneath or from lowered eyes : look covertly at. 2 : to miss or omit because one has looked too low.

Is Unmend a word?

unmend is an acceptable dictionary word for games like scrabble, words with friends, crossword, etc. The word ‘unmend’ is made up of 6 letters.

Is Underlook a word?

verb To not give due worth or respect to.

What does it mean to undervalue something?

transitive verb. 1 : to value, rate, or estimate below the real worth undervalue stock. 2 : to treat as having little value was undervalued as a poet.

Is Undervalued Stock good or bad?

Overpaying for a stock is one of the main risks for value investors. You can risk losing part or all of your money if you overpay. The same goes if you buy a stock close to its fair market value. Buying a stock that’s undervalued means your risk of losing money is reduced, even when the company doesn’t do well.