Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Conspicuous?

What does conspicuousness mean?


Easy to notice; obvious: a conspicuous flaw in the construction.


Attracting attention, as by being unusual or remarkable; noticeable.

See Synonyms at noticeable..

What is a conspicuous person?

adjective. If someone or something is conspicuous, people can see or notice them very easily. Most people don’t want to be too conspicuous. conspicuously adverb.

What does diligently mean?

adjective. constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything: a diligent student. done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking: a diligent search of the files.

What does imperious mean?

domineering in a haughty manner; dictatorial; overbearing: an imperious manner; an imperious person. urgent; imperative: imperious need.

What is cigarette called in English?

cigarette in British English or sometimes US cigaret (ˌsɪɡəˈrɛt ) a short tightly rolled cylinder of tobacco, wrapped in thin paper and often having a filter tip, for smoking. Shortened forms: cig, ciggie, ciggy.

What is conspicuous antonym?

conspicuous. Antonyms: invisible, inconspicuous, in, observable, noticeable, microscopic. Synonyms: visible, easily seen, prominent, distinguished, manifest, eminent, famous, noted, salient, observable, noticeable, magnified.

What is serenity mean?

The definition of serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. Achieving this positive state of mind means you won’t feel as troubled by life’s ups and downs. While addiction often brings chaos, a loss of control and emotional turmoil, serenity will help you stay calm and true to yourself.

Does conspicuous mean obvious?

1 : obvious to the eye or mind conspicuous changes The bird has a conspicuous red head. 2 : attracting attention : striking a conspicuous success His absence was conspicuous.

What is a slang term for cigarette?

cig (informal) cigaret (dated) cigarette. ciggy (Britain, slang) coffin nail (slang)

What does recklessly mean?

adjective. utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless (usually followed by of): to be reckless of danger. characterized by or proceeding from such carelessness: reckless extravagance.

What does assuage mean?

verb (used with object), as·suaged, as·suag·ing. to make milder or less severe; relieve; ease; mitigate: to assuage one’s grief; to assuage one’s pain. to appease; satisfy; allay; relieve: to assuage one’s hunger. to soothe, calm, or mollify: to assuage his fears; to assuage her anger.

What does Pellucidity mean?

1. Admitting the passage of light; transparent or translucent. See Synonyms at clear. 2. Transparently clear in style or meaning: pellucid prose.

What is another name for cigarettes?

What is another word for cigarette?ciggygaspercigcoffin nailtabtubebiriburnbuttcancerette15 more rows

What is the most expensive cigarette?

Treasurer Cigarettes These filter-tipped Virginia blend cigarettes are routinely referred to as the most expensive cigarettes in the world.