Quick Answer: Which Tests Are Performed Before Commissioning Of Cable?

Is standard for XLPE cable?

1.0 Power cable of 1.1 kV grade, Multi-stranded Aluminium/Copper conductor, XLPE insulated, extruded PVC inner sheathed, GI round- wire armoured, extruded FRLS PVC ST2 outer sheathed, conforming to IS: 7098 (Part-I), 1988 ad as per the technical specifications listed in Section-A of the tender document..

How do you test a XLPE cable?

Test Purpose: To ensure the soundness of the cable insulation, prior to performing the high voltage tests on the cable and after high voltage test, cable insulation resistance by Mega ohmmeter shall be measured by applying DC 5kV for 1 minute between cable conductor and the metallic sheath under test with the adjacent …

What is the Megger value of cable?

1. IR Values For Electrical Apparatus & SystemsMax.Voltage Rating Of EquipmentMegger SizeMin.IR Value600 Volts1,000 Volts100 MΩ5 KV2,500 Volts1,000 MΩ8 KV2,500 Volts2,000 MΩ15 KV2,500 Volts5,000 MΩ5 more rows•Apr 29, 2012

Is standard for cable testing?

IS 10810-43: Methods of Test for Cables, Part 43: Insulation Resistance.

Is 5831 Type st2?

Type A General purpose insulation for maximum rated conductor temperature 70°C intended for cables with rated voltages U,/U up to and including 3.313. … Type ST2 Heat resisting sheath intended for use in cables oper- ating at a maximum rated conductor temperature 90°C.

How do you use a cable Megger test?

Clamp the alligator clip on one of the megger probes to the wire or cable, touch the other probe to the exposed conductor and press the test button. The megger will generate a current between the probes, and the meter will record the resistance of the jacket to the flow of the current.

What is cable testing?

A cable test is an electrical test and it can be the simple validation of two wires in an antenna cable or the harness of a plane including more than 60.000 connection points. The cable test can be processed in a specific test area or integrated into an automatic production environment. …

What should be Megger value?

The rule may be stated: Insulation resistance should be approximately one megohm for each 1,000 volts of operating voltage, with a minimum value of one megohm. For example, a motor rated at 2,400 volts should have a minimum insulation resistance of 2.4 megohms.

What is UO voltage?

Nominal Voltage: voltage between phases for which the system is designated. Operating Voltage: electrical potential difference between 2 conductors in normal conditions. Uo is voltage between phase and neutral. … U is voltage between phases.

Is 694 cable a specification?

This standard covers general requirements of single and multicore cables/cords with rigid as well as flexible annealed bare/copper with tin coating and aluminium conductor, insulated and sheathed (if any) with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V ac, 50 Hz used in electric power and …

Is code for cable tray?

IEC-61537 – This international standard specifies requirements and tests for cable tray systems (such as; all metal cable trays including wire mesh cable tray and nonmetallic cable trays) for the support, accommodation of cables and possibly other electrical equipment in electrical and/or communications systems …

What is the maximum rung spacing in cable tray?

The maximum allowable distance between supports for 1/0 through 4/0 AWG single conductor cables is 9 inches [1993 NEC Section 318-3(b) (1)].

Is standard for FRLS cables?

PK: Indian standards for cables e.g. IS 1554 (for PVC insulated Cables), IS 7098 (for XLPE insulated cables, or IS- 694 for wires and flexibles) covers the requirements for cables for safety against fire. … For ‘FRLS’ cables during fire, visibility maintained is at least 40% or smoke density of 60% maximum.

How do you test HT cables?

Cables shall be tested for insulation resistance with an insulation tester (i.e. Megger) at 1000 Volts for 1 minute. The minimum insulation resistance to earth or between phases shall be 100 meg-ohms. The instrument used for this measurement shall have a minimum resolution of 10 meg-ohms on the 0 to 500 meg-ohm range.

Is 1554 a standard cable?

conforming to IS: 1554(Part-I) and its amendments. provided on the outer sheath of all cable with marking “WBSEDCL”. armouring shall be galvanized round steel wires and its nominal diameter shall conform to clause no. 13.3 of IS: 1554(Part-I) and its amendment.