What Are The Prerequisites For Using Jenkins?

What command is used to start Jenkins?

You can also utilize curl and use the following commands: $ curl -X POST -u : http:///restart $ curl -X POST -u : http:///safeRestart $ curl -X POST -u : http:///exit $ curl -X POST -u : ….

What are the software prerequisites that must be met before Jenkins is installed?

What are the software prerequisites that must be met before Jenkins is installed? Since version 2.54, Jenkins requires an installation of the Java Development Kit (JDK). JAVA_HOME should also be configured prior to installation. Version 1.8 of the JDK is the minimum that Jenkins will support.

Which are Jenkins job types?

Jenkins supports several different types of build jobs. The two most commonly-used are the freestyle builds and the Maven 2/3 builds. The freestyle projects allow you to configure just about any sort of build job: they are highly flexible and very configurable.

What makes Jenkins extensible?

Extension is an annotation that allows Jenkins to discover classes, instantiate them, and register them in global lists of implementations of their supertypes and interfaces. … Whenever Jenkins needs to provide a list, e.g. of security realm implementations (LDAP, Jenkins user database, etc.)

How do I run Jenkins locally?

This tour uses the “standalone” Jenkins distribution, which runs locally on your own machine….Download and run JenkinsDownload Jenkins.Open up a terminal in the download directory.Run java -jar jenkins. war –httpPort=8080 .Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Is JDK required for Jenkins?

Generally, Jenkins allows ANY version of JRE/JDK to be invoked during the build. It includes: … Installation and execution of build steps using JDK managed by JDK tool installers.

What is the minimum JDK to install Jenkins?

Update 2017: After “Jenkins Upgrades To Java 8 (January)” and PR 2802, JDK 8 will be mandatory for Jenkins 2.54 or more (April 2017). You can use any jdk ( 1.5+ 1.7+ for 1.608+) you want for Jenkins: this is separate from the JDK that a job would use (either a job running on the master, or on a slave).

What is the latest version of Jenkins?

Jenkins 2.264+: Major changes in the weekly release line Recently we have selected Jenkins 2.263 as a new baseline for the LTS release line, with ETA in December 2020.

How do I download and install Jenkins?

Once Java is running, you can install Jenkins.Click here to download the latest Jenkins package for Windows (currently it is version 2.130).Unzip the file to a folder and click on the Jenkins exe file.Click “Next” to start the installation.Click the “Change…” button if you want to install Jenkins in another folder.More items…•

How do I set up Jenkins?

The basics of setting up a Jenkins Master serverNavigate to Jenkins Web Interface > Login as Admin > Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available (Tab)Select checkbox for all the plugins you want to install.Select “Download now and install after restart” at the bottom of the page.More items…•

What are the prerequisites for Jenkins?

Prerequisites to install JenkinsOperating system–Linux versions of Ubuntu/Debian, Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS, openSUSE, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Gentoo, Windows, macOS X.JDK version.Memory.Disk space.Java Containers–The Jenkins WAR file can run on any servlet-supported engine such as tomcat or Glassfish application servers.

Where do we usually install Jenkins?

For default installation location to C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins, a file called initialAdminPassword can be found under C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\secrets. However, If a custom path for Jenkins installation was selected, then you should check that location for initialAdminPassword file.

Can single Jenkins job run on multiple nodes?

The best and easiest way to accomplish this is using Elastic Axis plugin.Install the pulgin.Create a Multi Configuration job.(Install if not present)In the job configuration you can find new axis added as Elastic axis. Add the label as shown below to get the job run on multiple slaves.

What are the different ways in which Jenkins tool can be installed?

Jenkins can be installed on different platforms (such as Linux, Windows, etc) and set-up in different ways.As a jar file deployed using Java.As a repository in Linux environments.As a war file deployed to a Servlet such as Apache Tomcat.As a Docker container either locally or on a public or private cloud.

What is the requirement for using Jenkins Mcq?

6) What is the requirement for using Jenkins? For using Jenkins, you have to need a source code repository which is accessible. For example, a Git repository and a working build script, e.g., a Maven script, checked into the repository.