What Does OC Mean In Army?

What does soldier stand for?

soldier(noun) an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army..

How do you make an OC?

Tip: You can create your own character sheet or use a template, which you can find online. Explain the character’s role in the story. Every character should have a function in the story you’re telling. Consider what your OC is going to contribute to the story, then assign them a basic role.

Can I cosplay as an OC?

Cosplay Your OC With Pride Just because your character might be unfamiliar to others, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a cosplay that’s impressive and well-made. … It’s just as easy to appreciate the time, effort, and artistry that went into building that cosplay even if you’re not familiar with the character.

Is cloud as strong as soldier?

Beacuse on the original FFVII you start the game only a little bit stronger than the regular Shinra mooks, but in the remake at the beginning of the game Cloud is already a veritable One Man Army, capable of cutting through dozens of infantrymen, and going toe to toe with an actual SOLDIER, all that without any …

How do you make a good OC bio?

Describe how they react to types of people in good and bad ways. Describe work ethic, morals, and how they make decisions. Describe their mental strengths and weaknesses as a person including maybe worries, phobias, disorders, and flaws. Describe whatever is necessary to the character.

How do you make an OC special?

Let’s Recap!Pick a theme: Use one-word descriptions that are visually clear.Develop the backstory: Know everything about your characters as if they were a dear friend.Give them a name and personality: Pick a name that fits the style and personality of your characters.More items…•

What is OC mean?

OC means “Of Course,” “Officer Commanding,” “Original Character,” “Original Content” or “The Orange County.” “Of Course.” The abbreviation OC is often used with the meaning “Of Course” to indicate agreement.

What is OC in art?

An OC stands for “Original Character.” DeviantArt even calls some fan-based characters “original characters,” even though they are not “original.” For example, he/she could be based off Nintendo, but has modifications to make it your own distinctive art.

What is the difference between OC and co?

CO stands for Commanding Officer, who will be either a Lt Col or a Colonel. He will be commanding a unit. OC stands for Officer Commanding, who is usually a Major. He will be commanding a sub unit of a unit, like the Workshop of an EME battalion which is commanded by a Commanding Officer.

What does OC mean in roleplay?

Original CharacterWhat does OC or Original Character mean in roleplay? An Original Character is created from the imagination of its writer.

What is Reddit OC?

OC (Original content): Content that isn’t reposted from elsewhere, but is something a user has created themselves. IRL (in real life): Synonymous with the offline world and refers to your actual experiences outside of your online Reddit identity.

What rank soldier is cloud?

After undergoing and surviving the same process used on SOLDIER members, and incorporating Zack’s fighting abilities into his own, Cloud acts on the level of a SOLDIER Class First and easily handles SOLDIER members and Turks.

Is Cloud Strife a soldier?

Life at Shinra Cloud never joined SOLDIER. He tried, of course, but SOLDIER only accepted the best of the best. Despite what you might’ve heard, Cloud didn’t make the cut. Instead, Cloud ended up serving as an anonymous grunt in Shinra’s all-encompassing military regime.