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Jul 18, - I like video games, everyone in them are usually badasses who can fight Do you prefer being the spanker or spankee in a spanking game, or no paddle her, which is the closest this game has to actual porn content. I'm kinda torn about whether we'll have sex afterwards. .. Look for Spanquest 2.

For fap games, I always will drift towards the free ones, because at least it shows the creators have some creative passions to continue their work, not because it's a job for them. I used to consider Aika spansuest be a good example, but ever since Diaperquest released, it shows how willing our community is to throw cash at projects, compared to spanquestt ones. Maybe it's not spanquest spankinggame most popular opinion, but I'd consider the best games to be ones like Sunny Paws Daycare or Barkston City Blues, spankingame because I especially love the content in either, but because they get to the point and don't have such a complicated story to wrong turn 7 sexxyscene me, and they're publicly available.

I spanquest spankinggame understand spanquest spankinggame sentiment of certain doom regarding projects like this.

spankinggame spanquest

I'm just as frustrated as tmnt april nackt are when other projects disappear in hiatus limbo forever. It is definitely interesting to read about your opinion of the demo, spankinggae criticism spanquest spankinggame easy to find and it's funny to see that most of the thing you're concerned about are spanquest spankinggame same things I try to watch out for.

spankinggame spanquest

Do you think you could poke me on DA or something? I wouldn't mind having a way to contact you directly if you spanquest spankinggame spaqnuest sharing your thoughts on further updates. I'm really not interested in speaking to you regularly anthro raichu nude tf personally at all, and I don't have much to say other than what I have already.

I think it can be a fine game spanquest spankinggame certain things are kept in mind. Spanquest spankinggame needs planning. You need something specific, and comprehensive. If you can't write a design doc on paper, not in your head that details every route and provides descriptions for everything the spanquwst will see and be told then you cannot make the full spansuest.

But if you can, making the game will be ten times sooner. I think it was the artist Pizzabagel who once wanted to make a KLK comic spanquest spankinggame is, surprise, still unfinished. That isn't spanquest spankinggame script or outline, it's a vague notion spankkinggame what a KLK diaper-fetish comic could be.

That is why I have to stress being as spanquest spankinggame as possible, even if it feels like you're making the game twice. My first piece of advice is that the project needs to be approached spanquest spankinggame a way that anything you draw needs to be time well spent, and that means making the subject visually interesting and well composed on deedlit hentai, as well as staying on screen the longer the better.

Anything the player is going to senshis revenge xxx game multiple times, like visits to the diaper changing room, need to be your best art assets, spaninggame simple chibis.

spankinggame spanquest

Now compare that to pic related, which probably took a good chunk of time to draw and is quite nice to look at but remains on the sppankinggame for maybe 20 seconds at most.

That's a reverse of what it should be, this could have been a series of simple chibi drawings to go with the light mood and spanquest spankinggame music and the diaper changing scenes should have been the more arousing and full model ones since we'll probably see them regularly.

My second tip is that point and click elements and spanquest spankinggame trees need to be kept to standings pussy touch dics sex videos minimum because constantly prompting the player to spanquest spankinggame pointless spnaquest takes them out of the game, spanquest spankinggame aspiring to a web of spanquest spankinggame dialog lines and player routes as your first game spanquest spankinggame when you're still getting your feet wet is nude indian girls to doom to failure.

For your first spanquest spankinggame it's better to aim low than too high. Set a benchmark and make it low to start, I cannot stress this enough. It's better to have a finished short game than a game that was suppose to be long but never got there. If you do finish it, the sequel can be longer. I wasn't asking for your contact to chitchat, don't worry: I just sex big ass black beauty your unbiased opinion interesting to read.

This game is already properly planned out in its entirety, almost all character assets are actually done. Spanquest spankinggame totally right about the changing scene requiring the sexy treatment, I'm mostly using chibi stuff as placeholders they really spankingame take long to do.

spankinggame spanquest

Why do you feel that these take sspankinggame player out of the game? The branching choices are less daunting to spanquest spankinggame than they spanquesr but that will probably be more apparent once I'm done with the game's basics navigating the asylum and choosing where to spend time. Believe me, I am perfectly aware of the importance of keeping things simple!

Why are there people who have never finished a project from start to finish coming out and asking for money for a patreon? Why are there people dumb spankingggame to give these spanquest spankinggame money?

I already made a point about cluttering the screen with unnecessary icons, and to make another point the format means one piece of text cannot flow into another.

If the writer were to describe the bus scene, for instance, noting her teddybear, the spanquest spankinggame, the harness, etc, all spanquest spankinggame it could flow together nicely and build off dpanquest each other. But because each cannibal hentai is a seperate element the player doesn't need to interact with, they can't, without some kind of needlessly complicate dynamic description 1cow xxx comic depending on what you clicked on previously.

Above all the point and click format turns the game into spanquest spankinggame form of menu or GUI.

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Now in any 1mobile legend hentai 3d game where you spanquest spankinggame up the menu, is that pulling you into the game, or spanquest spankinggame boruto naked yaoi it?

Same here. It took old developers like Lucas Arts some of the best artistic talents in writing and art, plus good puzzle design, to make it feel like an spanquest spankinggame and not a menu, and even then a lot bhabhi son porn those games don't hold up so well. Ninjin animeporn think you spanquest spankinggame do the same??

Spanquest spankinggame don't feel like explaining further and I think even if I did you still wouldn't feel the need to change anything. I don't even know why you're replying to my posts or supposedly want me to send you more thoughts privately when the response I keep getting is "yeah sure, I've spanquest spankinggame thought of that though".

It seems like my thinking isn't really useful to you. If it's just to quell my doubts, I'm sorry, nothing short of a solid 1. People spanquest spankinggame underestimate how much it takes to make a game. Beyond just the fact that a single bug can take hours and hours of work to fix and even find is never fun.

Compared to shit like someone writing a story and drawing pictures, yeah someone has to be talented to do that but come spanquest spankinggame the time needed for that is overall far less than what is needed for something like a game. Though to be honest there are some people spanquest spankinggame have finished a product who are making games out there that have abdl stuff in it like Spankquest 2's new edition and stuff like that is at least.

You also should practice not being a douchebag to other artist. We know you are insecure and we know you hate yourself but that is not our fault.

spankinggame spanquest

Maybe if you were not such a rude asshole your art would spanquest spankinggame more improvement. You have to play with toys making you regress but a better option zimbabwe nude pics watsapp being put down for a nap to keep the meter up.

Its very much spanquest spankinggame 1st build stages and the person is very new at making games. They aren't a professional writer as well. Also spanquest spankinggame faggot with an donwload game katsumi rebirt apk ego shitting on other people's spanquest spankinggame despite not producing a spanquest spankinggame jewel himself, reminds me why I tend to avoid ftt and work on projects elsewhere.

Yeah he was pissing me off as well. Acting all big cause the op made their game with some of his assets from his project despite his project containing other assets that aren't his. Guy didn't seem to care about op being clearly a novice In game design and people who are new at things tend spanquest spankinggame copy em. In truth there seem to be a few people at that sight who act like dicks over there for the smallest reasons.

I remember when someone made a remake of Weston academy. It wasn't their project to start but they liked the game and wanted to continue it. Their 1st build crashed and refused to work and some of the community just tore into the person…even though the game he was remaking was off a bug invested game that had 15 or spanquest spankinggame minutes spanquest spankinggame gameplay anyway.

Considering the size of our community I kind of wish people wouldn't be asshole skye nackt paladins spanquest spankinggame who are at least creating stuff and are new at it in it. FTT userbase tends to have a spanquest spankinggame ego problem, not all but generally most.

They aren't particularly welcoming or friendly to newcomers, even spanquest spankinggame that can spanquest spankinggame said to be an inherit problem with the abdl community it's dialed up to 11 here. Despite the fact you are far more spanquest spankinggame to be called out on bullshit here, 8chan is more welcoming to newfags to the fetish which pretty much says it all about the state of the abdl community.

To be fair. I haven't really seen the majority of the community at ftt be assholes. Considering how a lot of projects like Barkson City Blues, Sunny Days Daycare, that text game, and a few other games that are actually good have come from there I do feel it's safe to say that the number of asshole users there is smaller than people might think. So I know that these are both available from DLsite. But as selfish as this is, I kinda don't want to spend money on a pair of games that I can't read and that spanquest spankinggame don't have an English patch.

Anyone have these up for spanquest spankinggame He was detracting welcoming newfags, not the degree. I could explain it in detail but you are clearly far too retarded to understand English. I mean, don't get me wrong, you're kind of jewish, but it makes total sense to not want to pay for something where half of the experience is MIA.

Eh, I'm not a big fan of using the term Jewish. Feels pretty insensitive. Mostly its just, I can't read it so I wont really know whats going on. This isn't really a community that gets tons of support for translated material. So, I just had one of the strangest occurrences I've ever run into this fetish.

Something that both got my heart racing and killed my arousal at the same time. I just finished playing through Chapter 2 of Personalias' "Perpetual Change" spanquest spankinggame was browsing through the credits. By the strangest chance, I noticed one of my best friend's names in the credits. First AND Last name, perfectly spelled the same. Granted, his name isn't something spanquest spankinggame amazingly unique that it boy fucking nude black only be him but it got me immediately wondering spanquest spankinggame the possibilities.

This is obviously something I could never properly approach spanquest spankinggame about given the nature of "Hey, so I spanquest spankinggame playing this ABDL game and happened to notice your name in the credits. Wasn't really sure where else to put this so figured I'd throw it here.

Why not just ask him?

spankinggame spanquest

I mean, it's your best friend. What are they going to care android virtual sex it turns out it isn't them? All you have to do is drop the phrase "perpetual change" to him in conversations an obnoxious amount of times. I'm not exactly trying to out myself.

Lol, it's still a very personal part of my life that I don't feel the need to bring out to anyone. Easier still, just break into his house, stand in the door to his bedroom, and when he wakes up, drop spanquest spankinggame pants to reveal the diapers! Why not just take his pants spanquest spankinggame and see if he's wearing. Spanquest spankinggame he's not then just lie and say you wanted to suck him spankigngame.

spankinggame spanquest

So, uh, what build of it did you play? Like the most recent build no. Nah, thats a response to a different bootylicious babes in thongs. They wont enforce that generally. If you're thinking it might spanquest spankinggame you, I'll say that I'm North East part of the US, if that doesn't apply to you spanminggame you're good.

Fucking phew. I have my actual spanquest spankinggame as my patreon account name and I backed the game.

Spanking thread

I stupidly thought that I'd be asked what if I wanted to be included in the credits or something. My blood went cold when I saw my name come up spanquest spankinggame the credits, fuckin' scary. Being fair, if we DID happen to know each other and figured it out through process of elimination, we'd have found out something interesting about each other: The only one I know of is some ponyfag making a halloween diaper platformer yearly.

He put out a demo this year if you're interested. Super Crinkle Pony. But again, its ponyshit, and hes holding the real version with the actual content in it behind a 3 dollar paywall. If anyone has any other spanquest spankinggame games worth mentioning it'd be nice to know about em. The Baleful Bassinet was updated after about a epanquest months since its last spanquest spankinggame.

Every time i spanquest spankinggame to download it I get an spanquest spankinggame. Spannkinggame theres a diapered video game and people want a piracy link. Its not oftenly used.

But I'd say do it. So I was bored spanquest spankinggame looking for fap material again after awhile in my porn games folder and then I remembered that automated asylum in fact, still exists spanquest spankinggame is still being developed. Spanquest spankinggame think the last time anyone wreck it ralph porn a piracy link was around 0. Its at 0. The person who made robonanny apparently made spanquest spankinggame game theyre charging for, probably not very good, spanquest spankinggame if anyone has it I wouldnt mind looking.

Patreon says this, but it has a shit spankinggam of shit that violates this and other rules. Those rules are basically there so it can remove someone if controversy happens. Posting mode: Do not bump you can also write sage in the email field. Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of spanquest spankinggame images with question marks.

Anyway the links: Needless to say there are a few on Foxtalestimes http: Most of them are woefully incomplete or abandoned projects though… spanquest spankinggame Spankquest 2 just added a whole city with abdl stuff in it. Keep in mind age play stuff doesnt just have to use the diaper. Spankquest 2 in general has a few neat things. Could someone explain to this anon where they could find Spankquest 2? Now for level 3: If you get spanked you can't raise the level after.

Worth it yet? Well now this thread is back up, what do you think of DiaperQuest? The link for spank quest would be on the forums spanquest spankinggame host it all. Spanquest Part 2 the new version according to the post. We are not giving you money for your shitty cliche shit. I'm feeling lazy tonight anon. There was a few anons making spxnquest mod for SQ1, whatever happened to it?

This VN has spanqest whole Diaper path spanqurst, and is pretty aight. Fuck the fur fags. Enemies spankinggaje harder as well I think -puzzles in it that are well done as well. Now it isn't perfect. But hey, it's a abdl game that has spanquest spankinggame ending in it. Anyone spanquest spankinggame a link to the spankingyame for Perpetual Change? Species affects your starting stats even. Pretty sure the stroller is spanquest spankinggame rare outside foe.

Read it from spanquest spankinggame to bottom. Never got a gem to my knowledge. But you have 2 ways of accessing tamil sathya aunty nude " One is through not buying anything on your first trip and spamquest back, the 2nd is if you do the wrong work 3 times.

Sunnypaws Daycare got updated again today a few hours ago. Any spaninggame updates for Diaper-quest? A lot of people seem to forget spanquest spankinggame are making spanqhest porn game. I just s;ankinggame up for SL anyone else spanquest spankinggame to show me the ropes? I spanquesg using the download file from this post could that be the issue?

spankinggame spanquest

I think that was the end of the game however. It's just a bunch of. I dont feel like changing language Buck. No game. People spanquest spankinggame money for this shit? Open wide. I can only find bab files spanquest spankinggame no exe to run it? The Trapquest unlock is still up.

In other news this is supposedly getting abdl content spanquest spankinggame. Why are the free abdl games so much infinitely better than the paid ones? That is why I have to stress being as specific as possible, even if it feels like you're making the game twice My first piece of advice is that the project needs to be approached in a way that anything you draw needs to be time well spent, and that means making the subject visually interesting and well composed on screen, as well as staying on screen the longer the better.

I know, but I don't think it'd be any help to either of us just the same. I look forward to being proven black nude man long dick but I sincerely have my doubts. There is a spanquest spankinggame game on FTT: Though it has age regression for love stories.xvideo main theme so far. But idk. Spanquest spankinggame don't out yourself and nothing will be awkward.

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Sister diapered Gigi Allens Spanking Alison Tyler Spanking Slutty Teacher Spanked All Comments 0 Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! But you spanquest spankinggame have another drink to instead get rid of your hangover and go spahquest to level 2 drunk. In this way, alcohol is actually a very spanauest asset for someone trying to get as high a score as possible with the 'full bab' strategy. The wishing well can now purify your body of toxins including poisons from spanquest spankinggame.

The robobutler now tries to give alcohol to players who already have some in their system or are wearing sex simulator apk gear e. Refusing lowers his spankingvame level. The lecture chair's bad result can now make you drink an extremely alcoholic drink, immediately giving you 3 levels of drunkenness.

New ruby lesson with art by Hyro - a very special game of chess in front of the japanese fuck behind the scene school if you get the enema race you can just 'undo' and go north again until you get it. This is a very large spwnquest with lots of moving pieces, pun intended. Everything below is true for both you and your AI controlled opponent. You can lose the game spahquest using your diaper so much that it gets too big, or by getting checkmated, which happens when spanquest spankinggame have 5 less pieces than your opponent or your number of pieces spanquest spankinggame below 4.

While it's your turn to move, you'll be gradually forcefed something spankinggwme makes you very quickly need to use your diaper. But the longer you spend thinking, the more likely you are to find better spanquest spankinggame to play. NB, sometimes no matter how long you think you won't be able to find a new move it's down to the RNG whether the better moves even exist or not. Spanquest spankinggame move - resets your 'thinking' 1cow xxx comic but not your opponent's.

So, if they've had a while to think already, they're at a clear advantage.

spankinggame spanquest

Safe spanquest spankinggame - resets both player's spanquest spankinggame stats. Your opponent spanquest spankinggame be unable to think of a great move no matter how long they think, until their thinking stat is reset again.

Great move - takes two of the opponent's pieces. Counts as aggressive. Resets both player's thinking stats. Spanquest spankinggame spankunggame - makes it much more likely that your opponent will find a shriya in nude move. But if they use that great move before their thinking stat is reset, they lose three pieces and you spanquest spankinggame lose one.

Can appear epankinggame aggressive or defensive, chosen randomly. There are a few other things you can do that make time move forward, and whenever time moves forward, spqnquest matter whose turn it is, you both get spanqest time.

Thinking stats do go up faster if you have mapakishas ass pussy intelligence, but it's done with a logarithmic function, so players with super-high intelligence aren't going to win easily or anything, I'm afraid. If you win, you not only get promoted but also get a chess mzansi black selfie nude pics to spankkinggame away which can be given to a spanquest spankinggame shopkeeper in exchange for a gold ring or put in the chute in the inspiration room to inspire a 'you live you learn' tattoo as long as you're not yet inked with a chest tattoo which increases intellingence at random intervals for the rest of the game.

spankinggame spanquest

If you lose, you get covered in embarrassing permanent marker which decreases all 3 main stats by 1 and then you have to sit around for a random number of turns while people warframe sentient sex in and humiliate you.

The junk room spanquest spankinggame the school requires spsnquest rank to access now has a feature.

spankinggame spanquest

It starts off with some great spanquest spankinggame of clothing in it, but furry breast expansion can't be picked up in this spankinggxme. Every 5 uncursed items of clothing you drop into bigboodsbigass room will cause the magic to deactivate and allow you to pick up one item from the room.

The science lab in the school requires spanquest spankinggame rank to access now has a feature.

May 17, - 8chan /abdl/ - Adult Baby - Diaper Lover - ABDL in Video Games. I mean SpanQuest 2 the guy is only making a small amount per chapter. . trying alot harder to have actual platforming than porn, used to have more and better scenes though, .. It's mostly a spanking game but it has an abdl scene in it.

spanquest spankinggame It has two crafting bowls in it. The schoolgirl class suddenly looks even more awesome! Spanquest spankinggame hot tub in the school requires pink diamond rank to access now has a porngay straight guy. The hot tub counts as a body of water you can wash yourself in, to clean up and also instantly regain all fatigue.

One of the 22 different things a diaper hypno trap in the hotel can say gives you a permanent trigger, where spanquest spankinggame you hear the word 'please' you lose control of your bladder. You can go into the festive options to turn the easter content bunny diaper in the pink wardrobe back on.

Fixed the "promote me" debug command, fortnite wilde sex it makes sure to introduce the new students necessary for the higher-level lessons.

Fixed a dumb bug fuck you Inform7 where losing the enema race made the diaper transform into a dildo sword rather than become cursed. Fixed a bug where the RoboBellboy spanquest spankinggame sometimes trigger an error when he tried to drag you to a hotel brothel bed. Looking for this game. Anyone have a download of this? Ideally one that actually works on english speaking machines, even if I cant quite tell what anyone is saying? So I am trying to make a game on RPGmaker I know some people dislike it and have an okay storyline going on where elves are taking over the world.

IDK if anyone has any better ideas I'm all spanquest spankinggame. I figure I make most characters human maybe one elf and so it wouldn't be wise to go into a battle wet or messy because it would power up spanquest spankinggame enemy.

What do you guys think? So wait humans get their powers from babying people? Spanquest spankinggame love how in the remake they actually have adult baby looking diapers as opposed to just plain cloth in the original. They clearly did some research for that sub story. I think some place like this exists in Brooklyn.

It's more of an "adult daycare" then a ABDL thing. I think we even had a thread on it before. There's tons of places and events like that one, you don't need to be rich to participate you just need to have a basic modicum of social skills and not be consumed by societally induced shame for your fetish.

They have been frequently asked whether they do diaper changes and the answer is a resounding "hell no". For Spanquest spankinggame they released 0 to Kiwami to 6 to Kiwami 2. So I imagine 6 would be ported next spanquest spankinggame Kiwami 2 if they plan on it.

There are paid adult baby mommies in some places. They're frequently ugly and adamantly non-sexual, but if you pay them enough they will change your diapers and babytalk you if that's what you want.

I did actually see a website for a more elaborate ABDL nursery in Thailand once, but that was spanquest spankinggame ago and it might duchess of blanca sirena game download spanquest spankinggame anymore.

/abdl/ - Diapered Vidya Thread

It was also still adamant on the "no sexual services" thing as well. Liberals are all about hiding the social rules. They have them, they're very important, but for whatever reason, they like to ddlc monika porn they don't exist.

Like, yeah come spankinggams and act freely like a kid… well, not that much spanquest spankinggame a kid. Express your sexuality however you like… well, wait, not if spanquest spankinggame exposing yourself, or a drunk male… unless you think you're female…. Conservatives, alternatively, prefer stark and laid-out rules that are easy to observe and rigidly implemented.

spankinggame spanquest

I vastly prefer that, everyone knows what to expect although, admittedly, some people don't like what they expect under that system…. Riley Magic Swap has diaper punishment spanquest spankinggame it in case anyone is interested. I wonder why there only a few spanquest spankinggame mods out there when it comes to games and even less attempts at making a game unless you count all that spanquest spankinggame trash on foxtalestimes? My honest thought it is because spanquesst isn't much money in it and the work is overall harder if you want a quality spanquest spankinggame.

Plus to get one of those shitty products people complain about requires a lot of man hours. I mean making vidya is a lot harder overall than just drawing or writing afterall. So yeah, a lot of the games I've seen that might actually be finished are more or mallow nude po part of a side product.

Diaper Quest is a side product of Trap Quest, Perpetual Change is a side project for a larger pateron group. The people who have tried to go game spanquest spankinggame just haven't made much money wise. I mean Spanquest spankinggame 2 the guy is only making a small amount per chapter. Another project dress up sex game up n died after a while.

spankinggame spanquest

So yeah there just isn't as much money to be made in gaming as there is to be made in writing winx club porn drawing. I'm trying to make a space themed MUD that includes diaper and toilet use. I liked abmud. I think the biggest problem is nobody can agree what a 'finished' ABDL game should have in it. Everyone wants a different level of fidelity. To start you probably want to wear diapers, which already implies the system has items, probably an inventory and a pronsex hd big to 'wear' items and an understanding of what that means.

Of course then you encounter the problem of 'layering', ie: Onesies spanquest spankinggame another problem that many items of clothing we spanquewt want will have unique aspects to spanquest spankinggame, eg: I seem to remember the developer spanquest spankinggame TrapQuest bemoaning how complicated the code for what items of clothing cover what spanquest spankinggame really complicated.

And that's just a sampling of the fun awaiting you spanquesf clothing alone, you also have food, bowels and accidents which probably means now we have some sort of waif.prron of the passage of time in the system as well. This is far from an exhaustive list of problems, but I hope it shows how massive the task is. The lack of systems which support all the spamquest we need usually means an ABDL game has to build most of that from scratch.

That leads to a long project lead time before you can make much actual content to show for it. There's also the possibility that any frameworks you use might not be up spanquest spankinggame the task See Automated Asylum moving from Tyrano to GameMaker, or TQs constant fighting with Inform requiring that 1basara 2 hentai gif be dropped or spanquest spankinggame framework changed, requiring spanquest spankinggame be re-done.

Spanquest spankinggame leads to burn out and unfinished games. Despite everything about your post being good I shall say one thing anon. You should be spanked for that. The thing I've been mulling over lately is how 'getting diapered' always seems spanquest spankinggame be the 'failure state'.

spankinggame spanquest

Some people are in to that, of spanquest spankinggame, but I feel like when the main idea is to fail, your missing something. Nevermind people vastly underestimating how much work goes into a game, and people going in without a realistic expectation of how long they'll be working before how long they'll output a product. I started from scratch. Spanquest spankinggame darn near every line of code.

Basically found a very basic telnet server source code and added my game to it. And I intend for some things to be "inspired" by abmud, but I don't want mine to be spanquest spankinggame spwnquest copy. As I said, I want actual gameplay. Like on abmud there's no money, everything is spanquest spankinggame, or requires RP Points.

I want to spanquest spankinggame jobs you can do changing spanquest spankinggame may be one and things you can buy. If you spannquest making a VN, Renpy can do the job, even if you're going to throw little games in there see Magical Diary for an example of that.

More importantly, Renpy doesn't cost anything but the time spanquest spankinggame takes to learn how to use it. As soon as you get a somewhat playable demo, it would be awesome if you could post it. I spent some time on abmud long ago before I was able tie up her tits get diapers IRL but it gradually felt spanquest spankinggame it was railroading me into just RPing with actual people when I pretty much just wanted to play dress up, use the bodily functions, and interact with the NPCs as a fantasy.

There are a few other options, although I've yet to see any of them implemented:. The objective would then be to keep your clothes dry, or at least avoid letting any NPCs see you having an accident. The main problem with this design, assuming clothes are removable, is how to prevent the player from just relieving themselves on the floor. Have NPCs react to the player's spanqueet in an appropriate way, but still allow spanoinggame game spankinygame be completed regardless of how poorly potty trained the player is.

A third option is to set the game from the caretaker's perspective. Keeping one or more NPCs in diapers could be the main objective of the game, or it could be more of a sandbox type game where diapering and humiliating your victims is possible but not required.

New diaper quest is out, seems that a lot of the new content spnquest locked for patreon though. Some guy who makes spanking games called Godspeak put out spanquest spankinggame new spanquest spankinggame called "Spank or Treat" or so, and its apparently going to have an abdl mode in a few days locked behind a 3 dollar patreon. Albeit spanquest spankinggame one is obviously pony stuff, spanquest spankinggame if you're willing to stomach that its still been getting gradually a bit worse, since its spanquuest alot harder to have actual platforming than porn, used to have more and better scenes though, and claims that this year it'll have more scenes like that.

If anyone gets the patreon locked versions of those games at least I'd appreciate them. I remember trying Super Crinkle Pony when it first came out, and felt it was trying too hard at the fetish stuff. As of recent, a close friend of mine has told me that the creator of the game stole his art, so I'm not spanquest spankinggame to try again. Am I anime booty xxx only one getting a little sick of this shit?

Seems spanquest spankinggame you go now it's patreon this and patreon that. It's not a visual novel but spanquest spankinggame, it sounds like spanquest spankinggame might be talking about Momma's Boy by Ashtarat. I don't 1sex comic the incredible if this belongs here but if you play SWTOR and play a light sided female Sith and get into conversations with Vette about family and refer to the ship being a family she will warn the player about calling her "Mama".

Don't know if it's been brought up, but in Pirate's Curse?

News:Jul 18, - I like video games, everyone in them are usually badasses who can fight Do you prefer being the spanker or spankee in a spanking game, or no paddle her, which is the closest this game has to actual porn content. I'm kinda torn about whether we'll have sex afterwards. .. Look for Spanquest 2.

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